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True Detective (HBO)

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There’s a mosquito net maker in Africa. He manufactures around 500 nets a week. He employs ten people, who (as with many African countries) each have to support upwards of fifteen relatives. However hard they work, they can’t make enough nets to combat malaria-carrying mosquito.

Enter vociferous Hollywood movie star who rallies the masses, and goads Western governments to collect and send 100,000 mosquito nets to the afflicted region, at a cost of a million dollars. The nets arrive, the nets are distributed, and the ‘good deed’ is done.

With the market flooded with foreign nets, however, our mosquito net maker is promptly put out of business. His ten workers can no longer support their 150 dependents (who are now forced to depend on handouts), and one mustn’t forget that in a maximum of five years the majority of the imported nets will be torn, damaged and of no further use.

Dambisa Moyo, an excerpt from Dead Aid: Why Aid is Not Working and How There is a Better Way for Africa (2009) via seetheworldanew (via pritheworld)

A reminder to take a long term view to problems. And always one that promotes development, not dependency.

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(Toms anyone??)

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This Tumblr is probably old news. But, it was new to me and I know there are other nonprofit workers out there who will enjoy this.




Anyone in or around the Liberty, MO area please read this status update from Sarah Rogers, wife of my friend Chad Rogers, he is a great guy with a wife and sweet little boy waiting for him at home…..”Very worried and needing help to get the word out. Chad went for a run last night about 8pm and hasn’t returned. He did not have phone or ID, wearing only black running shorts, red shoes, and an orange visor. If anyone has seen him, please tell him to check in. We have contacted police and local hospitals.” — with Chad Steward Røgers.

I’m in hawaii, but for my followers and their followers, please reblog.

Hey local Kansas City friends! Keep your eyes out for Chad Rogers!

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Sometimes you just need an elephant hug. 


So this happened.

I am still geeking out about this.


I usually don’t ask for anyone to reblog my stuff, as it usually doesn’t matter to me - BUT this time it’s a life or death situation, LITERALLY.

Thanks to my good pal, Mark @ Specialty Marketing, I have my very own version of the now world famous #TeamKris shirt.

The shirt’s awesome, but we still need to raise money to beat Colon Cancer. Did you know it’s the second leading cause of Cancer deaths in the US? We have to stop it! Get screened people! 

I was lucky, I paid attention to my body and saw a doctor, but I was STILL diagnosed with Stage III Colon Cancer. That little black bag is my take home chemo treatment, every two weeks I get to carry that thing around with me. Today I am two days in to my 7th chemo treatment, I only have five more treatments and two more surgeries before this life changing nightmare is over.

Do you know someone who has been touched by Colon Cancer? Help that individual, help their family cope and help my family with a donation to the Colon Cancer Alliance. $1 from all of Tumblr, will be life changing to more people than you can imagine. It’s not just 50 year-olds plus anymore, it’s 20-40 year-olds, and unfortunately many of them lose their battles, because they don’t get screened in time.

Make a difference today:  http://support.ccalliance.org/site/TR/DressInBlueDay/DressinBlueDay?px=1390657&pg=personal&fr_id=1720

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